Ticket Prices 2018

 Tarif 1  Tarif 2
Euro Euro
 Adult  19.00  16.00
 Children under 6 free* free*
 Childen 6-15  9.00  7.50
 Groups – adults (from 10 persons)  16.00  14.00
 Groups – children (from 10 persons)  7.50  6.50
 Family (2 adults + 2 children)  39.00  31.00
  – each addtional child  7.00  6.50
Adult family (w.o. Steir. Fam. Pass)  36.00  28.00
  – each addtional child  7.00  6.50
 Bicycles free free
 Coach:  2 axles (32 seats)  450.00
 Coach:  4 axles (56 seats)  750.00
Tarif 1: Birkfeld – Weiz return
Tarif 2: Birkfeld- Anger return
Weiz-Anger return
Birkfeld – Weiz  single
* except Groups

Would you like to organise a special train?
No problem, it is possible at any time of the year!
Please contact the Weiz Tourist Office.
Further information can be found by clicking here.

When thinking about the ticket prices, please consider the following:

(For railway enthusiasts this is probably not new!)

  • The operation of an antique steam engine incurs high costs.
    Every year the boiler must be checked by an official inspector and approved for use in public. After a maximum of 15 years the boiler must be given a full inspection and test, which, depending on size, can cost up to € 100,000 !
  • When you board the train, the engine crew have already been working for 4-5 hours to prepare the engine and heat up the boiler. As well as a lot of effort, that also requires a large amount of coal.
  • Recently the Club has taken over responsibilty for the whole line between Birkfeld and Weiz, and it must be kept in good condtion.
    Due to the many structures on the line this is not a cheap undertaking.

We guarantee you will fondly remember your trip on the Feistritztalbahn!

Friends of the Feistritztalbahn Narrow Gauge Railway